I See The Moon - Just thoughts...

Front Doors

I really believe your front door has to reflect you. It’s like your way of showing passers by and neighbours who you are without having to speak to them. Perfect.

I live with my parents and our door is old, yellow (was white, but the sun got involved) and has two panels of distorted glass.

If I had my own door, it would be green, perhaps with some stained glass panels. Oh and there would have to be a peep hole! I want to see without being seen.


I only wax them in summer.

Raspberry Ribena

The tastiest Ribena! It’s nice but it makes me sad. Reminds me of the time when I was five, in year one and I couldn’t finish my carton in our fifteen minute morning break. I had to throw it away. It was awful. I cried.


Everyone seems to work in recruitment yet everyone seems to complain there are no jobs. Someone must be lying.


Vegetables grow in soil and they’re really good for you, so I think we should stop calling soil “dirt”…I imagine it’s quite offensive.